Refund on Booster

Hi guys,

I am wondering how refunds work.

I paid my bill and my balance was £500 out of £500.

I then receive a refund but my balance does not increase. It remains £500 out of £500.

What happens with this money?


I believe they have to return that back to you directly as they’re not supposed to allow a positive balance to be held against a credit line.


So this would be a support ticket kinda request?

Hi @daniel1902 I had a credit on my account which cleared the March bill and the remainder carried over to the April bill.

It just shows on the transaction feed as “credit carried over from March bill” @MuppetDave is right though that there shouldn’t be a positive balance however that’s not what happened in my case.

Perhaps because I still have further payments to make before my total outstanding balance is cleared so technically not a positive balance as I still owe Tymit future payments.

If you just want it refunded back to your bank I would open a ticket, If nothing else it might speed up the process.

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If you still have an outstanding balance it would just carry over, if no balance then they should refund. How they do this on Tymit, no idea! I know from previous posts it get complex if instalments have already been paid on a transaction which subsequently gets refunded. I ended up with a positive balance on Barclaycard inadvertently due to a balance transfer but then they monthly DD was taken despite cancellation of the mandate. Barclaycard immediately refunded it. Amex do the same, unsure about Tymit.

Thanks for letting me know.

I haven’t done anything on instalments, just pay off at the end of the month.

Thus this technically makes my balance £576 out of £500 with no instalments due.

Will raise a ticket with support.