Refund to Virtual Card

Hi - What are peoples experience of recent refunds? I paid through Paypal using my Tymit Virtual Card (Physical Card has not arrived at this point). The company has refunded paypal who have issued a refund to the original virtual credit card that I had in my account at the time - as I received my physical card the virtual card I paid with no longer exists.

Support has not been very helpful at answering my questions and I am feeling I am being ignored - how long would a refund normally take to show up in this instance?

And with it throwing me into positive credit - how difficult is it to send back to my current account?

Whilst the idea of Tymit is great I feel really let down by the poor customer support given to me - is anyone able to share their experience?

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I had a refund last night that was instant, it was surprising and great!

Most credit card providers prohibit you having a positive balance and will want to return the money to you as soon as possible, however I am unsure on the terms for Tymit around this. You should check them however.

Given the change in card numbers, Tymit will either be notified and need to manually reconcile this, or it will eventually bounce back to PayPal. In the experience I had of a refund to a card no longer active, the payment was returned to the payee (in your case PayPal) but it took a very long time, circa 3 weeks. I ended up getting a cheque which presented its own fun and games of paying that in somewhere.


hi @ibrafiqb, sorry to hear you’ve been having trouble with a refund.
Let me see if I can look into this for you.

Thank you for your response. I look forward to hearing from you. I am hoping it will be today as I don’t want to have to wait out the weekend in anticipation! If you need the support ticket that I submitted it is 13729. Thanks

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Thanks for your reply. I just wish there were clearer processes in place for situations like this. After all it’s almost like I can’t have my own money back!

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Thank you for your response. I look forward to hearing from you. I am hoping it will be today as I don’t want to have to wait out the weekend in anticipation! If you need the support ticket that I submitted it is 13729. Thanks

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I’ve had a similar query outstanding since the 19/10/20. Despite being promised an answer on at least 3 occasions, the ticket is still unresolved. The rest of the Tymit experience has been great, but this delay is enough of a reason to cut my card up and close the account.

Since October??? Have you escalated your complaint? I would be fuming if I was you

I have asked that it be escalated but that’s met with a deafening silence…

I’ve been promised it will be resolved in 7 days so lets see. Will keep you posted. I’m happy that someone has reached out to me on here so i am optimistic.

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hey @Tearlach , sorry to hear you’re having the same issue.
Could you DM me your ticket number and I can look into it for you?

Hi Oisin,

Is there a reason support are slow at replying back? I’m getting really disappointed with the service levels I am receiving. A few of my friends have asked me about Tymit and I can’t say it fills me with confidence to recommend them. The concept is great but the service is really poor. So poor I actually want to close my account and wait for Curve to release their product.

Can you please advise how I would do this. I am just very disappointed that despite Tymit holding £1300 of my money I cannot find a person who will respond to my questions on support.

I’m pleased you raised the issue of refunds. I have a lot of time for Tymit, and I am usually very patient with them, as I understand their recent issues.

However, I have been concerned about a recent refund from Amazon. I bought an item in December, using Curve, but with Tymit as the underlying card. I have done this regularly without an issue in the past. The product was faulty and therefore returned to Amazon. Amazon issued a prompt refund to Curve who immediately returned this to the underlying card, which was Tymit.

Tymit have not refunded the refund and seem unable to grasp that I paid using Curve, but with Tymit as the underlying card. I am getting no further with emails to them.

Surely, I am not the only customer to use a combination of Curve and Tymit? I am beginning to think that I will not get my refund. It is knocking my confidence in Tymit ability to rectify problems.

Just curious why you would be using Curve to pay for something using Tymit on Amazon?

I use Revolut a lot but not Curve, where’s the benefit? Seems like a right faff!

Curve gives you cash back on every card transaction with your selected retails. Depending on what tier you have you get to choose up to 5/6 retailers I think.

So it makes sense to use the Curve Card with Tymit as the active card underlying as you will gain a percentage back :grin:

Because I choose to. Thank you.

OK, was just curious, I’ll mind my own business asking valid questions on a forum post! :wink:

Fair enough. Revolut has the same but all transactions. Amex clamped down on using a CC to load just to get cash back or member points.

Since you appear to be asking a sensible question, Muppet Dave, I will try to answer. I use Curve because it gives me the choice of which card to use without having to carry more than one card around. As James mentions, there is also the opportunity of gaining useful cashback with some retailers. I find using Tymit, in combination with other cards, incredibly helpful. If I have selected the wrong card to pay on Curve, I can easily switch the transaction to another card. I have Revolut too, but don’t find it to be very useful for other than overseas transfers. Might I suggest that you look further into Curve, together with Tymit, and I recommend it as a useful addition to your financial life.I hope this helps.

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