Refunds to old Wirecard Tymit cards

I am having an issue with the merchant that is refunding payments to old Wirecard Tymit cards. Which they claim succeed. Yet Tymit cannot see.

Neither support is helpful.

Amazon refuses to provide refund receipts listing where it is sending money to, with references, and last four digits of cards.

Tymit refuses to work on support tickets without refund receipts listing last four digits of cards.

And I am stuck with money out of pocket.

How does one start chargeback or section75 claims against Tymit?

They are done with Tymit

First of all, you should try a few other things;

If Amazon is the marketplace and the actual retailer is different but selling through Amazon, you should obtain confirmation from them that they refunded things. Amazon may not provide you proof if they don’t have it.

Then check on your account as if the refund has been processed, surely it would show there like usual. If it doesn’t, it’s most likely not been processed.

I find calling Amazon better than emailing.

If you really want to enact Section 75 or chargeback (different things) then you will need to check you are eligible.

Was at least one of the items purchased over £100? If you bought multiple items, you can only claim for each if it was over £100 in value. You can’t claim under this section if the items each are less than £100 but combined are more than £100.

Then you will need to show substantial proof of the loss, such as confirmation that the refund took place (as above).

I am unsure off the top of my head what the Section 75 rules say about refunds not received and raising a claim for this. I would check the terms of your card in the app to read about refunds perhaps.

From experience, I still think your best route is to work with the retailer and Tymit and try to get to the bottom of this.

Item is defective and returned under warranty. It was more than £100. They refunded me less than money owed.

So is the issue that they refunded less that owed or they refunded money and you didn’t get anything back into your account?

They refunded less that owed.

I used instalments feature on Amazon side. Hence the payment got split into 5 credit card charges. The first two went to the Wirecard Tymit, the later ones went to active cards.

They insist to refund back to the original payment cards… thus got back 3/5 of the refund. And the first two are going back to Wirecard ones that are being rejected and cannot be located by Tymit.

I will try to call the wound up Wirecard Card Solutions I guess.