Review Manual checks

I applied for a Tymit card 3 days ago it done the soft check and said I could be offered a card just had to upload some photos of my DL and a pic of myself and it would show me the limit and apr

Done all this then it went to a screen saying

Some checks couldn’t be done automatically so we have to review them manually

The app is still stuck on this screen, no emails, no nothing is this normal ?

Thank you in advance

Yes it’s normal. Good luck.

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Yes this is normal. To make things worse I think I had to wait around a week before checks were finally completed.

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Thank you :pray:t2:

Will just have to wait then fingers crossed I still get accepted

Don’t quote me on this as I’m only presuming this.

However, I think that you still get accepted because that’s what the initial checks are there for. The manual checks afterwards are to see how much they should give you as your credit limit. Possibly?

I don’t think they would offer you a card if you weren’t going to be accepted.

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Thank you I’m hoping as I love the way Tymit you can split the payment of equal months

Always comes in handy for those big purchases