Sad or awesome?

Is receiving this badge sad or awesome? I love this community and love Tymit :sparkling_heart: - The community and product have grown so much in the last year, it’s absolutely amazing.


Hey @jase quite an achievement.

My honest answer is awesome that you ^are^ so devoted :+1: (although, come on, Xmas day, really???!).

But also a bit sad that Tymit do still have so many issues (which I know you’ll defend to the hilt, hence the badge!).

Oh, and a bit scary too. That they are actually tracking that stuff. Remind me to figure out how to block that stuff!


Tymit aren’t tracking it, it’s part of the forum software Discourse which is used :slight_smile:

I’ll make sure to give an extra special shout-out to you this December 25th ha ha ha. :joy: :christmas_tree::santa:

That’s awesome @jase such a big part of the community and always willing to help others :clap:

Maybe there should be a special prize from Tymit for such an achievement!!!

I was going to say keep it up but it seems you can’t help yourself anyway :laughing:

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To be fair @jase if you weren’t on here there would be many more confused customers. You seem to understand the product better than most Tymit staff (you’re not an undercover boss are you? :thinking:)

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@Billy and @thisisntwhatiwanted - You’re both too kind, thank you.

Perhaps I’ll get a Tymit hoodie one day :wink:

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I mean that would be pretty awful - but a dream’s a dream right?

I also thought this. It seems Tymit interact with the Monzo forum more than they do with their own one… or do they? :wink:

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Ha ha @goodtymes - You’ve got to go where the people are I guess :man_shrugging::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: