Scammed by Viagogo

I brought some tickets on Viagogo for a concert for the first time. Everything seemed really legit until receiving my ticket. The said the ticket will need to be transferred to me and that will happen on the 24th of November and the concert is on the 29th. I thought that sounded a bit dodgy so went to do some research and found out a lot of people are saying they are scammers.

I wanted to know is it possible to request a chargeback in this case. I have tried to call the company today and can’t get through!

Firstly let me welcome you to the community @estheraj4 Esther - You can email to explain your issue and what you wish to do. They would need to initiate any action if it’s allowed.

I’ve heard bad things about Viagogo but don’t have personal experience. I haven’t heard about tickets not arriving only that you pay a lot more for tickets than if you bought directly and to watch out for tickets with the original purchaser’s name on them where venues insist only the original purchaser can attend.

Let us know how you get on :+1:

At the moment it seems to be buyers remorse. Currently it seems that Viagogo haven’t done anything wrong except potentially allow reselling of tickets and someone profiting from it. If people didn’t use these sites then perhaps they’d just cease trading.

If you don’t get the ticket on the 24th November and they fail to respond, then it seems to be a case for chargeback?

Thank you so much, I really appreciate your time to reply. I will just wait and hope I get the tickets if not I’ll request a chargeback😊

If the cost of the tickets are over £100 then wouldn’t section 75 of the credit card act cover you where the card company is jointly responsible for the purchase if something goes wrong?

This is the main reason I use Tymit for pretty much every purchase I make. The confidence that I have protection in case of problems with a purchase is a great peace of mind.