Section 75 protection?

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Basically what the title says. Would anyone working in Tymit confirm, you follow section 75’s protection as standard for both types of accounts? I know it’s a credit card but just double-checking.

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I believe we are covered going by this post by @Oisin

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Hi Billy. That does seem a bit more reassuring thanks. I just couldn’t find that information anywhere about Tymit’s credit cards. Hopefully will put a few more newcomers at ease.

I hope they can post a form that can assist us with the process of going through both a ‘Chargeback’ and a ‘Section 75 claim’. :pray:

I don’t believe they have any choice in the matter if they’re Credit Cards in the UK!

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hey @blvck.s , yes, you’re covered by Section 75 on both Booster and standard Tymit accounts :+1:


Excellent to get that confirmed @Oisin. Thank you. :+1:

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