Select payment period on every transaction?

Is there a way of setting your default payment terms so that the app doesn’t prompt you for every purchase? I would like my default to be pay off in full at end of the month as that is what I will do for most purchases. Then when I make a bigger purchase of several hundred pounds I can manually go in app and switch that plan to 3 months or more as appropriate.

Hi Stephen, the default in the app is that the purchase is paid off at the end of the month if you don’t select a plan. The reason we prompt you to confirm, is to ensure if you make a bigger purchase you don’t forget and get stuck with a huge month end bill. We’re always reviewing usability however and will continually review the experience :+1:t2:

Thanks for the clarification Tom. So if I want to pay at the end of the month I don’t need to worry about confirmation of the payment plan each time. That’s good to know.