Share your feedback on new Monthly Statement pdf

:wave: Hey everyone,
I’m Violeta, Product Designer here at Tymit.
We’ve been working on finally designing a monthly statement that would be sent out to everyone on the 1st of each month and would love to get your feedback on it.
If you’d like to participate, click on this link and you’ll find some survey questions and a few research tasks along with a sample of the statement design :eyes:
There are some open questions included at the end to leave us any comments or feel free to start a conversation here


Had a look at the mock statement , very positive start , it will be interesting to see the layout when displayed as pdf/in app. I feel the layout could be a little tidier. I am sure this will come as time moves forward.


Also a csv/qif download option would be good to allow import into financial software


We don’t really want it sent out we wanted “in app” statements. You can’t call it an in app statement if it’s simply being sent out.

To clarify, there should be a section in app for statements with an option to download in various formats.

How on earth is it “in app” if your emailing it to customers?

Hi @Billy! :wave:

Thanks for your feedback.

I am one of Product Managers at Tymit and I’m working with @Violeta on the Statements project. You are definitely right that we will want to make Statements accessible in the app. However, to get there we’re first working on the MVP which will be a pdf version that will be sent out as part of the Billing comms. Once we deliver this (and both you - the Customers, and us are happy with the effect) - we’ll be working on making them accessible through the app :wink:

Hope this helps and provides some transparency into this process!

Let me know if you have any more questions about this.

Thanks, :pray:


No problem @Cyprian I’m always happy to give feedback both positive and negative.

The positive in this is that it finally looks like something is getting done.

The negative is that we have already been here 18 months ago.

It’s good to see Tymit seem to be springing to life again and staff are posting in the forum once again. Hopefully we can have more regular staff interaction going forward.


I had a look at the new statement and to be honest it’s far more complex than my needs. I just want to be able to export my transactions in a simple list. I’m sure this could be implemented alongside the current statement within the app. Via an ‘export transactions’ button which can then just pull out a list of the months transactions and drops them in a cvs or pdf file for download. I never have asked for much really :frowning: