Shockingly terrible Customer Support

It’s been one entire week. One entire week of constantly messaging In-app support chat, of constantly messaging their Twitter page. All I want is to generate a bank statement. That’s literally it. A basic function of any credit card company that should literally be available on demand for any reason the customer should find.

And yet I haven’t received a single reply, not a single peep, zilch, nada, none, zip. Literally, no one will reply to my messages.

Absolutely shameful.


Have you tried looking through the threads on the community regarding this?

If you open multiple tickets it will take longer to get the help. Soon as someone’s available they will respond to your ticket :slight_smile:

Not sure how at all this thread helps my situation.

They stated they would rollout the feature of in-app downloaded statements by February. Its now almost June.

I need a statement because Amazon support is requesting one to confirm my payment method - until I receive one my account will remain blocked there. Its great you don’t need one, doesn’t mean that others have that same privilege.

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That is pretty poor. It is an area that Tymit need to improve on.

I’m replying to the same ticket.

It gets automatically closed with no reply. I make a new one, rinse, repeat, cycle.

That’s definitely strange. @Oisin can you look into this?

Hey @VincentLee00 welcome to the community. I hear what you are saying and not so sure about shockingly terrible customer service but do agree that response times are much longer than they should be.

I notice a few posts on here with customers frustrated with this turning a simple enquiry into something more stressful simply due to the lack of response.

Tymit have already acknowledged this and said they would be addressing it with extra support staff and implementing a prioritisation system.

I know this doesn’t help you right now but at least Tymit will see your feedback as further proof of improvements needed in this area.

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I heard that Tymit lost their Head of Customer Operations at the end of last year and things have got much worse since.

Tymit is a growing startup and had some staff shortage during the pandemic. We do also need to appreciate the pandemic isn’t over yet.

The best thing users can do is to not raise multiple tickets or try all the channels after just 24 hours, it only adds to the volume.

I hope everyone is looking forward to the long weekend :slight_smile:

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I had to request statements a while back, took them a few weeks but they came through as password protected pdf files

I imagine it’s a time consuming process as someone has to manually produce them and secure them etc. That’s why op might be waiting for a while.

Surely it wouldn’t be rocket science for them to produce them. Every single other neobank does.

Tymit gives every impression of being run from the back room of a pub. A busy one at that

It’s probably less about level of difficulty and more about priorities when building a startup.

They are launching Direct Debits for Booster users and I think it’s probably higher priority to ensure payment on time and automated than to generate a PDF of transactions.

I do however also accept everyone else has their own desired priorities and can’t always comprehend why seemingly simplistic requests take longer than hoped.

Im still going to point out that i do not believe this is “shocking terrible customer support” and merely a “time consuming process”. When i had a Tymit account i was never waiting longer than a day - 2 days at max for a reply. I have sent a DM to Tymit to see if there is anyone that can update on this.

Hi @VincentLee00

Really sorry about the delays! We do have a lot of volume at the moment, but you definitely shouldn’t be waiting anywhere near a week, so that does sound like something else may have gone wrong.

If you wouldn’t mind DM’ing me your full name/email I can take a look to see what’s happened here.

As an aside, we are definitely planning to bring that kind of functionality directly into the application so you guys can download statements freely whenever you like. We’re getting this from that back office team at the moment, so it’s taking longer than expected but, again, shouldn’t be more than a few days.



My views are exactly the same

21 days I’ve waited.