Simulate purchase - show total interest

Was just using the"Simulate purchase" screen, which is helpful.

However, it only shows the interest per month. Could you add the total interest for the period as well? I mean, I can do the maths, but there’s cognitive effort in multiplying £3.72 by 24. And I think it’s psychologically better to see the whole effective markup from using credit

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It does on iOS?

My £500 simulated purchase shows a total of £600.48

Ha, funny. It’s actually a UI issue. Everything below the interest included line is hidden for me and only visible by scrolling down, which is not obvious. Plenty of screen space on my phone, so should be showing all the info.

Ah yes, I did have to hide the keyboard to get the full screen showing.

Doesn’t show for me whether keyboard is open or not. Always have to scroll