Snailcrawlingly slow and painful customer service

I have 2 mobile phones, one of which is on its last legs, and wanted to transfer my Tymit account from one phone to another. The first is a iPhone, the other a 3 year old Android phone, running Android 10. As there is no way to do this in app, I contacted Customer Services who about a day later, emailed me requesting some log-in data and said to give it a few hours. I actually waited 24 hours, and the transfer didn’t take. Emailed them back, and was then asked to update the iPhone app ! I said this wasn’t what I asked for, and could they actually transfer the app (which, unlike Revolut, Starling, Wise, and Monzo) can only be operated on one phone. I deleted the app and reinstalled it, made sure it was the most up to date version, but the CS guy didn’t have a clue. Now he thinks he will have to reissue the card and set the account up again !

I am pretty sure I know what the issue is - at 3 years, my phone is “too old” for Tymit’s systems and the transfer from my iPhone wont “take” as a consequence. The same phone won’t download the Chase Bank app, due to its “vintage”. Why it has taken such an extended period of time to determine this, I have no idea. I am no IT expert, but if I were running Tymit’s CS system, the first thing I would do is ascertain whether the phone to which this app is being transferred is actually compatible. Instead we have waded through 14 different messages, each one asking me a question, and then (as outlined above) trying to get me to update a phone that I didn’t request. They are probably going to suggest I buy a new phone next.

Yes customer service can be a bit slow at times and hopefully that’s something that Tymit can improve on.

Regarding your Android phone, Tymit support all the way back to Android version 5.0 according to the play store. If you managed to download the app then it’s supported as it wouldn’t of appeared and given you the option to install if it wasn’t.

I changed phone recently and it was as simple as popping my SIM in the new phone, downloading the app and logging in. There was just an extra step of entering my phone number and getting a OTP

I take it you are changing phone number so unable to get the app activated due to this?

I wouldn’t be so sure - I have downloaded apps that haven’t worked with the particular model of phone I have had. I have Android 10, some way beyond 5. I am glad your transition was so smooth - mine hasn’t been, and Tymit appear not to understand why (although the reason above I think stands). I have had the app on my Android for over a year now (and yes, I have updated it) and have never been able to use it because (unusually) Tymit doesn’t allow you to have it on more than one phone. I have given them my old and new numbers, but, at their end, they cannot register the new phone.

I think it will more likely be down to Tymit not updating the new number or your still logged into the app with the old number.

Android 10 isn’t that vintage to not be supported.

Tymit told me they had ‘changed the number’, but it “wouldn’t take”. I don’t think I need to log out of the existing app, but tried and it made zero difference, I suspect the phone is incompatible with the app, or an update has rendered it so.

Are you putting your existing SIM into the new phone you want to use or is it a different SIM and different phone number?

No, I am using 2 different phones, both with the app on it. As I said above, unusually, Tymit does not allow the app to be active on more than one device.

Have you tried different formats of number (07 +447) to attempt login?
Yes, every combination I can think of

When attempting to log in how far are you getting through the login process and what error messages are you receiving?

It asks for the phone number, and then displays a message stating “We’ve hit an issue - hit retry or come back later”.

I know the very message you mean, It appears every time I open the Tymit app on Android and need to force close and open again for it to work. It happens every single time without fail and hitting the retry button never does anything, Very frustrating.

If Tymit manage to update your number you will become very familiar with that screen unfortunately.

I was just suggesting logging out the other phone since Tymit don’t allow you to have it on two phones so seemed a sensible suggestion but if it didn’t work it didn’t work, just trying to help.

I deleted it from the other phone ! Made no difference at all

Have you tried logging into the Tymit app on your new phone using your old telephone number?

Yes. Doesn’t work. Had a “we’re still looking into this” email today. They have absolutely no idea.

I had a “we’re still looking into this” email 7 days after this one, and another 14 days later, and today, we had a “we’ve resolved your issue” email, asking me to log in and validate. They’ve now closed the case

Nope. Exactly the same message as before. “We’ve hit an issue - hit retry or come back later”. They closed the case to meet their target. When I reopen it, it will count as a new complaint, which the ensuing deadlines altered.

The problem here is that I have asked them to register this as a formal complaint, which they are refusing to do, as “the issue remains unresolved”. I can’t take this any further until they issue me with a resolution or deadlock letter, which they (not surprisingly) are refusing to do.

EDIT: I have just made a formal complaint via the email address as I strongly suspect the woman dealing with the case hasn’t actually done so.

Amazing what a negative review on Tripadvisor does - had a phone call today from one of the 2 staff seemingly undertaking the CS function. Entirely coincidental, I’m sure. Still no further forward, mind.