[SOLVED] Bills and Account balance issue - Something seriously wrong?

Hi Tymit Community!

I have a very strange thing going on… Ok here goes, I logged into my tynit app today and noticed I had been credited £405.08 for overpayment. I thought this was strange, so I contacted customer support (currently waiting) to make sure this is all correct, however I then reinstalled my tymit app to see if maybe it was a bug from the app etc and I’ve just seen that my payment for my bill has disappeared from last month? I will attach screenshots.

Before reinstall

After reinstall

As I can see it’s still taken the payment as my actual overall account balance seems to add up? But what is going on? This better not have any affect on my credit file as I’ve never had a missed paymet in my entire life but this app/card seems extremely buggy. Can someone help as I need to know everything is in check from the Tymit end.

Overall bill


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I’m getting that too what is going on? I’ve been credited but I am due to pay now. :scream:

This is a pretty big screw up if this has happened to a few people :eyes:

Definitely dude. We need an answer immediately!

Similar in mine, showed June bill correctly (I don’t use Direct Debit) but clicked to pay bill and get the reference number and that said the full balance not the monthly bill. Reloaded app now skipped June bill entirely and now showing July… WTF? :face_with_monocle:

I’m not entirely sure what I owe now? My payments from May have disappeared and I’ve been credited money and I also have a £0 balance for this month, so cannot pay this months balance. All very confusing and I’m really hoping it doesn’t cause any issues…

I’ve noticed the app occasionally loosing the plot on the 1st of the month, hopefully it’s just temporary otherwise Tymit have less than 7 days to sort out a massive mess!

I’ve never noticed, hopefully it sorts itself out then by tomorrow. I’m just confused by my May payments disappearing after I reinstalled the app and then seeing I was credited money. :thinking:

Hey there everyone. :wave:

Indeed we did have a little outage on a process at the end of the month… bank holiday and all this sun in the U.K. has put a few people/systems to sleep :sleeping:.

Our dev team has been working hard to fix it and it should be back to normal in the next hour. :rocket:


Just as you posted @Pipo my app seems to have resumed normal service, phew… Was scared for a little bit there. My May payments have came back and my bill seems to be in check now!



Also now resolved & bill paid :+1:

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My June 22 bill is looking wrong. Paid it on July 1. Still showing as pending but my credit limit looks correct. However, the July spend us showing as the June amount to pay and all my spend in June is still available to date!

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Hi @AlanSh and welcome to the community :slight_smile: great to have you here!

Usually the payment screen will update after 9/9:30am today (after their payment cycle closes). So my Direct Debit (I know you paid manually) came out today and will reflect this morning on my screen.

If it’s not showing properly before today closes, then I would suggest emailing support@tymit.com :+1:

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My fault for getting up to early…June payment option has gone now, and July looks normal…so maybe it’s fixed…

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Mine showed before 9:30am as expected. Glad you have it all showing correctly too.

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Mine is acting a bit weird today shows a payment in progress with the direct debit but for some unknown reason my available credit has gone down not up!!

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My Direct Debit payment has gone through, paid my bill off in full, but my available credit has stayed the same, I’ve emailed Support regarding the issue.

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Same I’ve dropped them a message. @Oisin @mike.brozowski are you aware of any issues?

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I had similar last month and my available credit never updated itself until later in the day.

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Maybe it might update overnight but still the same at the moment