Some things that would be good to see (Android)

Hey there

i’m an android user and so far i quite like the concept behind Tymit.
Deferring and spreading payments of whatever i want is pretty sweet. Basically a Klarna on Steroids…
but there is a few bits which i think would be great to see:

  1. have an in-app support function - still don’t know how to contact customer support.
  2. Would be great to see the total price of purchases inclusive of interest - rather than just seeing what the interest costs every month. I’m assuming this is a way to convince people to defer payments beyond 3 months as it’s easier to click accept on 0.9p interest every month (just as an example) instead of seeing £5.4 interest on top of the purchase price
  3. Would be GREAT to see a summary which tells you what payments are at what stages… does that make sense?
    like can you group all items which are on their 1st / 2nd / 3rd installment etc.
    looks like in app once a month has passed you can defer the remainder over another 3 months etc. is this supposed to work that way?
  4. Summary of what youre paying for in a given month - would be nice to see what the current month bill includes
  5. Set up direct debit and if payments received could be faster (than the current 2 day option)

Also one more things regarding a bug…

I tried to pay for something with PayPal…the payment didn’t go through
but i still got a refund on the app…
this has led to Tymit thinking that ive paid money (or a refund) when i haven’t
so i have a Credit into my account against no Debit


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