Sorry this couldn’t be completed, please try again later

Can someone tell me if they’ve had this message before I’m scared as I have a lot of money in there and now I can’t access the account

Hi @Yhman John and welcome to the community. :wave:

You’ll need to give a little more information on where you saw the message. Was this when making a purchase in store or online?

If you can, perhaps sharing a screenshot of your message will help, ensuring you mask sensitive information.

Your funds if using Booster are held in a segregated account and therefore have protections against a business going bust for example if that’s what you are worried about.

It lets me put my number in on the login page it then takes me to the passcode page, I put my passcode in and it comes up in a blue bar at the top of the screen saying “sorry this couldn’t be completed, please try again later” I’m scared as I have money on the account and I don’t know how to get back on

Ok, so an issue logging into the app. A few people have had this recently.

First maybe try off wifi on 4G to rule out any network blocked issue.

Try completely closing the app and stop it running in the background and try again.

Check you have the latest app (Search for Tymit in the App Store and see if you can update it).

If you are using +44 try removing the 0 at the start of your number. If you’re not using the 0 try adding it in.

If all else fails and there is no app update, probably best to email :+1: