Spending pin text

Why do I get a text with a pin number valid for 10mins when I try to use the card to pay for flights. Where do I put this number?

Hey @Trigger Steve, firstly welcome to the community.

Tymit implement 3D Secure via SMS rather than in-app or using Verified by Visa’s other methods available.

The one-time use code should be entered on the merchant’s payment gateway when you are completing the payment with them to buy the flights. They should have an input box to allow you to input this code.

Which merchant is it you are using out of interest?

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Here is an example of one-time use code input during payment.

It is for Mastercard but works in the same way. Obviously it will look different depending on which merchant you are purchasing via, but it will be similar.

Thanks for the reply. I’m trying to book on Ryanair but there is nowhere to input the code

So what do you see on Ryanair? When you input card details, does it not just then proceed with payment? I know you get the SMS but if you can’t see where to enter the code, what do you see?

I fill in the card details (I have done this 6 times now) it says oops there was a error but there is no where to enter the 6 digit code

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Ah so if the SMS is arriving but Ryanair is erroring, it sounds like Ryanair do not support this type of 3D Secure method.

You could obviously try another card but I am unsure how you could use Tymit in this method. A repayment card like Curve would work but if you need to buy now, it may not help you.

Alternatively, Tymit allow you to take out £200 in cash without it being reported as a cash advance. If you want to spread this cost, take out the money on Tymit, replan that, and use the cash into your bank to then buy the flights on your usual debit card.

I’m making it sound like a hassle but I don’t think there’s another way around this currently :thinking:

It looks like ryanair don’t accept 3d secure cards. I tried to register the card on PayPal and do it that way but PayPal won’t accept the card either

There was a debate about whether or not Paypal would accept Tymit but that was before Transact issued the cards.

Mine isn’t linked on Paypal currently and have no plans to do so but is anyone else’s Tymit now linked in Paypal?

I have linked my card to PayPal. I did this via the app, have you tried that?

Incidentally, Ryanair may use a different payment gateway on the app than they do on the website so worth trying another method of buying from them. It’s not common but it’s also not unheard of.

Managed to finally book using the website not the app. Because I tried several times ryanair put the price up by £30! Thieves. Thanks for the advice

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Really glad you got it sorted @Trigger

how do you get the pin no for the card

This is available in the app for your activated card. You can use the card icon in the app and click PIN code.

This is for iOS, your mileage may vary.

I’ve received the card but can’t activate it in the app to get the pin

You should contact support@tymit.com if you are struggling to activate the card. :+1: