Start a conversation not working in MyTickets

Had a load of issues with the app on my iPhone 8 iOS 13.5.1, most annoying of all is that when trying to start a conversation in the support web chat it opens (the window animated up) then just disappears.

Tried pressing Start a conversation and the icon.

Hasn’t worked yet in 2 software versions… That’s via an iPhone 11 Pro iOS 13.6 in v1.10.2 and v1.10.5

What really pisses me off are the copy & paste “we’ve improved the app in this update” every damn time. At least be arsed to describe the updates, other than the version number!!

I agree, tymit needs to be more Monzo like. This is fintech, tech issues and gaps in this case affects people and their finances.

Not impressed so far, good offering poor delivery.

Hi Rob, thanks for flagging this. Our developers are aware of the bug causing this and it will be fixed in a an update coming out next week.

In the meantime our team are available on email via

Thanks for your patience while we get this resolved.