Still no response to account verification issue

I’ve now been waiting 10 days to have my account opened. I can’t upload my passport as the app kicks me out whenever I try! I’ve been on this forum, contacted customer services a dozen times and still no resolution. To the issue. I have a reference 14860, but haven’t had an update since Thursday, despite chasing. Surely this isn’t so difficult to resolve???

Tagging @Oisin for his attention…

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I would recommend touching base with and asking for a update from the team dealing with it

I emailed them yesterday and got a reply yesterday too. Let us know how you get on :+1: @ljellis

@Oisin passed it on last week, but I’m still waiting for a response. Thanks for the reply!

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Oisin wouldn’t be able to help you with your issue directly and can only pass the message on. I’d recommend sending a new email and asking for an update

The best thing to do is wait for them to reply as there’s no other way to contact unfortunately. It might be an issue that takes them to fix :grinning:

Still no response…

I’ve not had any response from my support request yesterday either

I feel your pain. I have been waiting since before Christmas for a replacement card to be sorted!!

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Hi @ljellis , sorry for the delay with this.
In your case, there’s been a technical glitch during a specific stage of the application process.
The nature of it means that our customer services team hasn’t been able to do a quick fix and it’s needed some support from an engineer. I know they’re looking into this again today, so I should be able to update you again soon.
Thanks for hanging in there and being so patient :slightly_smiling_face: