Still waiting for replaced lost card to be activated

I reported a lost card the week before Christmas. After multiple messages to chase I finally received it over a week ago but again after multiple contacts I am still unable to activate it. I was promised on Tuesday that it was being looked at by engineers, we are now Thursday evening and still nothing.

I am severely losing the will to live :triumph:

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Hey @Jubee
Sorry to hear you have been left waiting so long. I’m going to see if @Oisin can chase this up and find out where the team are up to on getting this sorted

In the meantime it might be worth pinging another message in app or sending a email to to ask for an update

I see little point in that as I haven’t received any response other than ‘we’re looking into it’ and that’s if they even respond at all!

I have resorted to the website in the hope that desire to avoid negative comments may encourage a resolution!

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I understand. I can’t comment on any responses you have had because on this community forum we are all also customers. Except from a few that have staff icons on their profile

I have tagged a member of staff to see if they can push things forward for you. I’m still also waiting for a response to an email but not been waiting as long as yourself.

I am aware that due to ongoing circumstances they are limited staff and have a lot of inbound support requests