Survey from Tymit

I just got an email from ‘Martin’ - CEO and founder of Tymit asking me to complete a survey.

Can’t remember the exact wording, but the first question was along the lines of…”How would you feel if there was no more Tymit?”.

Anyone else find that an odd question?

I do hope they’re not gonna do a Tandem on us! :flushed:

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It’s not that odd at all. It’s asking how you would feel if you didn’t have it having used it for a while.

It’s a way of indicating product market fit and is the standard question for “Product/Market Fit” surveys :slight_smile:

It’s not the perfect question to ask as you have to guess how you would feel.

Nevertheless, they are maybe A/B testing as I didn’t get it :frowning:

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I didn’t get it either.

I didn’t get the survey as well

I’ve had this survey too. I had it on Tuesday and I’ve just completed it. To be honest I was expecting a lot of questions. There was like 5 questions?

Well I’m glad I’m not the only one!

I still find it a very bizarre question. If it is one that companies use widely, I think they should be asking themselves how they think asking the question makes their customers feel.

Having had the inconvenience of the Tandem farce, UNSETTLED is the answer.

I can’t see Tymit getting many responses back from the survey. I mean there are 5 people in this thread and only two people have had the survey.

Unless it is targeting specific areas or ages, or the other three members have unsubscribed from Tymit emails?

I had the survey also and found that it was an odd question - I also used to have a tandem credit card!