Team Tymit's Question of the Week #1

Hey, Tymit Community :wave:

I’m Oisin, Tymit’s new Content & Brand Manager :grinning:

I’m just starting out on my Tymit journey :rocket: but you’ll be hearing plenty from me as we grow the community :seedling:

And we want it to be a two-way street :arrow_up_down:

So in that spirit we’re introducing Team Tymit’s Question of the Week :tada:

The idea is simple.

Everyone at Tymit HQ submits a question for the community.

We all vote for the best one :ballot_box:

And then we put it to you.

This week, Team Tymit wants to know…

There were tons of ideas :bulb:

But there was one clear winner :trophy:

So fire up your :brain: and get ready for some serious thinking :thinking:

Because this one is going to be tough :wink:

Here it goes * :drum:*

Which of these 3 Curve Credit features does Tymit already offer?
  • Paying back purchases in instalments
  • A purchase simulator
  • Grouping purchases together
  • All of the above

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I did warn you it wasn’t going to be easy :joy:

Do you have any questions for Team Tymit?

Just let me know :point_down:

Catch you next week for Round 2!

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Welcome @Oisin - If you had to pick one thing, what is your favourite thing about Tymit?

Why the reference to Curve credit? Isn’t this a forum about Tymit? (Can’t see how you can group transactions in the Android App}

Thanks Jase :grinning:

Good question. I’ll put that to the team!

But for me, as a customer, it’s got to be the flexibility to pay in instalments wherever I like, rather than being tied in to shopping at a particular store.

And speaking as someone who’s just joined the team, the thing that really swung it for me was the mission to make credit fairer. Pretty excited to get behind that. :rocket:

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Hey @ninepine,

Just Team Tymit having a little fun :grinning:
I had to respect our vote, of course :ballot_box:
But point taken!

I checked in with our Product Team for you about bundling, and it’ll be coming to Android by the end of November. I’ll keep you posted anyway.

If there’s anything else you want to know, just ask!