Team Tymit's Question of the Week #2

Hey, Tymit Community :wave:

It’s time for our Team Tymit Question of the Week.

This time with a Halloween twist :jack_o_lantern:

Obviously, nothing scares us more than the thought of being saddled with an old fashioned credit card.

Which got us thinking :thinking:

If the traditional credit card was cast in a horror movie, which one would it be?

Here’s what we came up with :point_down:

Settle the argument for us and vote for which one is the best :ballot_box:





Which is the best traditional credit card horror movie?
  • Night of the Living Debt
  • 28 Minimum Payments Later
  • I Know What You Spent Last Summer
  • Scam Broker’s Debtula

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Can you think of any more?

Let us know below :point_down:

Happy Halloween! :ghost:

Nightmare On Debt Street

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