Tymit at an ATM

I don’t use cash often these days - mostly I’m using Tymit via contactless (hopefully soon by Apple Pay!).

But today I needed some cash and thought I would try Tymit at a LLoyds cash point machine (ATM).

It worked really well and dispensed the £40 and receipt with no problems. The ATM did warn me that my card provider may charge for this, but I knew that this wasn’t the case with Tymit.

This is a really useful feature of Tymit for those occasions when cash is needed.

It means that really I only need carry the one card - although I’m not sure I would risk this as it’s a good idea to have a back up!


I’ve not had to use it myself but I do see it as a handy feature to have just in case.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a credit card that lets you withdraw cash without slapping additional fees onto it before so good job Tymit.


Hello all.

I have tried to get withdrawn to take cash but it won’t let me bec the bank says the transaction is unable process. What I will do with that?

Give me get advice, thanks

I would try a different ATM if you haven’t done so already. Perhaps the link network was down temporarily.

Thanks, I understand. One thing, willll I change a new pin after old pin in ATM to get withdrawn the cash?

Because I have received a new card on last week so that’s why I completely understand that I have read it…

The correct procedure is to change pin in app first by clicking on the card icon, select pin then select change and enter a new 4 digit PIN number.

Go to an ATM and do a balance enquiry using the new pin you selected, this will update the chip on the card with the new pin.

If you then use your card to make a purchase in a shop using chip and pin this will then fully activate your card for use with contacts payments.

Your card should now be fully activated.

I’ve changed new pin and checked balance enquiry. It’s a problem that it said the card is issue :confused:

Have you managed to use the card for online payments or is it just not working at all?

Did you use the NEW pin at the ATM and if so did it let you do a balance enquiry or just reject the card?

Are you using the same ATM or have you tried a different one?

It is possible that the chip on the card is faulty. I remember someone else having this issue previously and it was the actual card at fault.

I have managed to used the card for online payment so its working

I did used new pin at ATM and did balance enquiry at different one…the card keep issues or rejected few times

I’m wondering if the chip is faulty then.

You should probably contact support in app or email support@tymit.com

Please update us with how you get on.