Tymit Booster - am I paying twice?


I’m maybe not understanding something so looking for some clarity. I have the Tymit Booster and deposited £100 to start with giving me a credit limit of £100.

Do I then need to pay ANOTHER £100 to pay it off at the beginning of October. So am I having to pay to get the credit limit and THEN pay it off again on the 7th of each month??

Not unless you spend £90 + £10 booster fee which would be £100 in total for you to pay.


  1. You have already set your limit at £100
  2. Say you spent £20
  3. Booster cost £10
  4. Statement balance will be due £30
    You use the divide payment option.
  5. If you divide your debt, you will only be due as per the calculations showing on your Tymit App


  1. When building credit you should not be going over 30% of your credit card limit, if you do, it actually lowers your credit score. So, with £100 credit limit you should stay beyond £20 spending per month and booster fee £10 will be added to make it £30 which is 30% of you credit limit.
  2. If this is your only credit card, ensure you have over £250 credit as having very low credit limit as £250 or below reduces your credit score.
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