Tymit booster credit limit

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If I pay my Tymit bill what does my credit limit become ? Will it just be what I’ve paid or will it go back to the full amount I’ve put onto my card?
Eg my bill is £110, if I pay £110 will that just be available or will it be £250 as that’s my credit limit. Very confused. Please help thank you!

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Miss Prosser

@Charprosser95 Welcome to Tymit.

If you pay your outstanding bill, your credit limit will go back to £250.

Have a look at the link below which tries to make this clearer for Tymit Booster Users.


I get no response from the online thing you sent me.
I paid the bill today and it’s only put £100 as my available balance why hasn’t it changed to £250? Like you said.

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Miss Prosser

If you had a credit limit of £250, and you had spent £110, then paying the £110 in full will make your available credit £250.

If you don’t pay in full what you have spent, but choose to spread the cost of some of the purchases, then your monthly bill will be less than the full amount you have spent, in that case you won’t have £250 available. I’m a Tymit customer just like you, so don’t have access to your account.

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Some of us have experienced a delay in the available credit updating after paying the bill or direct debit payment going through this month.

My available credit did not updated until the following day so it could just be down to that, check later and hopefully it’s updated.

Do tymit ever reply to anyone I’ve never met customer service like it in my life. Want to withdraw all my remaining funds if someone from tymit could reply to my query.

You can withdraw in the app

Yes but I have money missing. I withdrew £350 that left my credit limit at £300 remaining. I then made a transfer from my bank to tymit for the value of £350 but my credit limit remained the same £300. I just want to withdraw all my remaining funds.

They do reply but it can take a few days. Remember Tymit are a startup so they don’t have the same level of staff as the major credit card companies.

Did you remember to include your reference and are you sure you didn’t send it to the bill payment account?

I did send it to the bill payment account mistakenly but I’m sure Tymit can easily fix that for me. I understand Tymit are a startup but waiting currently 6 days for a reply is not really acceptable even for a startup.

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Yes that is a bit long for a reply I had a reply in a day when I recently contacted them

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Customer service response times seem to have gone up significantly looking at some recent posts on here.

Perhaps down to an influx of customers signing up for accounts without fully understanding how the account works or how to operate it correctly.

This is causing an increased workload for the customer service team and in turn increasing response times for everyone else.

Hopefully better education around booster will be introduced soon and we can start to see shorter response times once again.


Looks like you may have transferred to your bill payment account which does not increase your credit limit.

I did by mistake yes. I transfered £350 to my bill balance by mistake but it’s still showing my available balance of £3. I just want to withdraw all my funds. Waiting on support is chronic and they don’t even know what they are talking about

Give them a chance to resolve the issue and they will resolve it. There is a reason why you applied for the Booster, to build your credit and it shall. Once you get around how to use it you will be fine.

Hi can someone from support please look into my issue. My account is £358 in credit and I just want it transferred to my account. 8 days ago I got the told that the team are looking into putting this in but I’m still waiting for the funds. How difficult can putting money into my account be!!!

Hi @chrismcdiarmid1992 - sorry to hear you’ve been having trouble. We’re aware it’s a confusing concept and we’re trying to improve things (See: https://community.tymit.com/t/wed-like-your-feedback-on-adding-security-deposit-money-vs-paying-the-bill/1370/)

For now, are you still having trouble? Please let me know and I could check how things are progressing on our side

EDIT: I’m chasing this up for you Chris

EDIT 2: Please check your app/email inbox Chris, you should have a response from our customer support team

@chrismcdiarmid1992 you should have the funds now, please let me know if you’re still having issues