Tymit booster offered but not needed?

Hey guys.

This is going to be construed as a bitch post and it kind of is.

I tried to sign up for a Tymit card, but am met with a ‘We can’t offer you this right now, try Tymit Booster’
Now, I know a credit score is just a number and doesn’t really mean anything, but I’ve never missed a bill or card payment in the last 8 years.

Clear score is 500/700
Credit Karma is 620/710
Experian is 999/999

I know it’s got to do with something, but I don;t feel I need a Tymit booster card at all. I especially don’t want to pay a monthly fee to be able to spend money - I mean, that makes even less sense. If you already can’t afford to pay your bill, “oh. I know, let’s make it even worse”

I know people say you shouldn’t get a credit card if you can’t handle/afford to borrow.

Where do they pull their credit references from?

Their tag line is “We’re tired of traditional credit cards, so we built one that works for you!” - except I could go to a traditional lender and get one in 5 minutes, I could even call them to find out why they won’t open an account. Just help me understand

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Don’t forget they also do their own profiling. For example they may decide they don’t want customer who pays off their balance every month as they are less profitable.

I doubt they would give you a message saying you aren’t profitable so they give a generic message to all people who fail.

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I did not think of that as a possibility.

I doubt this is the reason. I always pay off my credit card and have been accepted ok. Remember, Tymit also earn money every time you use your card.