Tymit Card Declining

It’s been two weeks I can’t use my Tymit card and I’ve been in touch with them and they stopped replying to my emails for a week now. Card is brand new it was working just fine, after I made the first payment it started declining. PIN and Contactless don’t work at all. Only online transactions which is not why I got the card for in the first place. Anyone knows anything that can be of help? Cheers!

Hi @GLucas welcome to the community.

Have you tried locking and unlocking the card in the app yet. I had a similar issue with a different card and that done the trick.

You said you have already used the card so I assume it has been activated in app and you have used chip and pin to activate contactless?

Thank you!
I haven’t tried locking and unlocking the card. I didn’t know it was an option.
My card was working just fine, then suddenly stopped and I haven’t had any luck with their support.

We can certainly try get you some help on here. With it being a new card have you activated it in app so it replaces your temporary card details?

Yes I did. I have used the card several times. On the day I paid my bill, it stopped working altogether. I can purchase online just fine but can’t use CHIP and PIN or Contactless.

Ah ok I wasn’t sure if you had used the physical card yet but if it was working previously that is strange. I would try locking and unlocking just in case but if you can make online purchases I can’t see that being the issue.

Have you changed the pin in app recently? Just asking as you need to activate the new pin at a cash machine before it works.

I did all that procedure. Changed my PIN went to an ATM and I can get a receipt from it but it doesn’t let me do anything else. When I used my PIN to buy something over £5 it was declined and I have the paper slip to prove it as well.

I have just locked and unlocked the card in the app. I’m gonna try and buy a cup of coffee to see what happens.

Ok let me know how you get on but I’m starting to think the chip in the card may have gone faulty and you might need a new card.

The fact you can pay online rules out anything account wise and we’ve covered the basics so if it still doesn’t work we can request some support for you on here.

I have just tried to use it after locking and unlocking it and I got the same message it was declined.

It was worth a try. @Oisin are you able to assist with this please.

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Hi @GLucas , I’ve checked in on this and can see it’s being looked into now. The support team will be update you directly when they know what’s causing the issue.

Try turning off the location based security option, that’s caused me to have declined transactions before now…

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I did that @MuppetDave, still didn’t work.

Have you tried it elsewhere? When cards moved from Wirecard to Transact there were issues with some processing systems. Those were gradually resolved though.

It’s been two weeks now @Oisin. This situation has become really annoying and it’s causing me a lot of trouble. I need a resolution ASAP please! Thanks!

What do you mean by tried it elsewhere? It’s a brand new card (a month old), I’ve been using it since day one and after I paid my bill it stopped working for physical purchases.

Hi @GLucas , so sorry about the hold up with this. I’ve checked in on your support ticket and, as a technical issue, it requires a bit of investigation. Our team are looking into it at the moment, but ill try and get you an update directly.

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Thank you @Oisin . Looking forward to hearing from you this week about it! Cheers - G

I was contacted by Tymit support this afternoon and my problem was solved! Thank y’all for your help! - G


Glad to hear it’s been sorted