Tymit couldn’t log in

Hello ,
Couple of days ago i was paying a bill on tymit. After i have tried to log in to see if I am on 0 this month. I couldn t log in at all . From nearly one week i cannot use my app. 2 days ago i was going into a shop and surprise… i couldn’t pay with the card. I tried to go to ATM surprise my credit card is not working . When i tru to log in on my app is saying” sorry you couldn’t log in. Please try again later” . This is happening from neatly one week now. Tried to delete the app to install it again , i installed the app on another phone and nothing seems to work . I called, I emailed… no one is answering.

Hi @AlexandraMortici , welcome to the community :wave:
DMing you for more details

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