Tymit gets a splash of colour 🌈

Good morning Tymit community, hope you’re all having a great start to the weekend!

Many of you who have an account will no doubt already have noticed that we’ve added a splash of colour to the purchase categories within the app. We’ve also added a help page, which includes what we think are some useful FAQ’s on account functionality.

We’d love to get your feedback on what you think to the new colours and any additional FAQ’s you think might be helpful?

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I like the look of it, but viewing the PIN is almost unreadable now.

Should the PIN update in the app once you change it at an ATM?

The PIN is perfectly readable to me. If you change it, it’s supposed to update in the app within 30 minutes.

The PIN is in a box with black background and blue writing, it’s not that clear to me. I know I don’t have great eye sight but it just doesn’t stand out too well.

That’s odd - it’s a white background for me.

Seems to be because I have dark mode on, with dark mode off it’s readable.

Ah, I see what you mean. Yes, it’s not the best colour combination…

@chistery thank you for highlighting this, I have passed the feedback on the ‘Dark Mode’ issue to our product team who will investigate ASAP :+1:t2:

If you’re still having issues with your pin number not updating in the app, feel free to drop the team a message through chat or email support@tymit.com

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Liking the new look, looks much better not plain also noticed some font changes that look nice also :+1:

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I changed my pin a little while ago, but it didn’t change in the app as that part was being improved by Tymit, but how do I make it show the right pin?

I’ve noticed the new look too.
It’s looking good :+1: