Tymit is a Joke

I got tymit boaster account about a week ago was so excited I did verification video, and passport photo got my credit card few days later, one guy called “Beg” sent me a message through the chat asking me for another verification like my bank statement, I was hesitant at first but I sent my Monzo statement I got a week earlier for my school got a reply a day after asking if I can send my RBS/ Barclay account statement I told him I got none of those I kept getting passed around From Resident permits to Bank Account statement which I provided everything just feels suspicious to me.

I had to call it a quit this morning when I got a message such As this “As the product is only available in the EEA we will need a copy of your UK residency to update our records.
Once we have completed the activation on your account we can look into your payment with the incorrect reference” basically I am being told if situation arise I am on my own and nothing has been sorted in their end I will be paying fees for nothing.
How did I get a credit card to my home address if I wasn’t in the UK and why would I be willing to pay for a service to boast my credit if I wasn’t here in the UK, If I can’t be trust with a credit card I added my own money I paid fees for and won’t get a support should a problem arise even to get to talk through the chat take days or hours. i have no reasons to continue business with tymit, I will be happy to take my documents to one of their branch though or there can be a soft search on my name, I wished it did not have to be this way but this a joke company.

I understand you are frustrated, it seems you’ve had troubles getting started with Tymit Booster.

From what I can make of the large paragraph of text, a payment has been made to secure a credit limit but can’t be traced, so they are wanting to help track this down.

Credit card companies must ensure they know their customers like many other institutions and it could be that manual verification is their only way. Especially if you are new to the UK or haven’t much credit history to verify electronically.

I would say wait until it’s resolved before casting judgement as you may be pleasantly surprised :slight_smile: I hope so anyway.

Hopefully you will get it resolved soon but just know the email and chat functions are the best method to get things working. Good luck!


Not that but before that, I was being hassled for one document or the other my verification went well when I provided my Monzo statement it was like Monzo is not a bank I was being asked to provide Barclay/RBS account I don’t have any of those I don’t even have Resident Permits as I don’t need one, I am also being indirectly accused of not being in the UK but I received my card at my door step I shopped at Aldi, I am indirectly being told I won’t get any help if situation like my payment not being able to be tracked occurs and maybe I am not properly registered. I can imagine getting into late payment which could affect my score I no longer trust tymit

Perhaps there has been confusion as to what is being asked for.

If you have your Booster card and can make payments, I think that’s fine.

I would suggest setting up a Direct Debit to both ensure you have repayments setup so avoiding the need to track additional payments for your bills. Also this will go some way to show Tymit you have a valid bank account and may clear up some confusion.

Tymit Boaster does not even have Direct Debit yet and You are mistaken.
Tymit support demands for my Bank Statement which I provided but they want one from RBS/ Barclays, but I use Monzo. I did selfie verification and passport picture before.
I am indirectly being told they don’t trust me with my own money or they think I am not in the UK or they just trying to frustrate me.
For Me I can’t send any documents further it either I visit one branch in person for documents verification so am good, as I don’t trust sending pictures of documents In chat again or cease business.
Thank you for taking your time

You can find more information here about Direct Debit for Booster users: https://community.tymit.com/t/direct-debit-is-here-for-tymit-booster-users/1232?u=jase you can do this either now or in the next week :crossed_fingers:

Secondly, Tymit do not have any branches so you cannot visit them. If you let them know you don’t have those bank accounts, perhaps they can accept something else. It could be your Monzo account is too new for them to verify long enough indentity records here in the UK.

I can’t find direct debit deleted tymit and reinstalled same I have had tymit more then a week now, anyway thank you I will give a days to think if I should continue of just close tymit for my peace and sanity

You’ve had Tymit Booster for a year? I don’t think it’s been launched that long.

Hopefully you get your problems sorted but it sounds like a complicated setup.

No I don’t think it’s been available that long and why would they be doing KYC checks after a year of the account being open?

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“Typo error I have it for a week” anyway thank you if I am given any more headache I will be happy to close Tymit I love my peace

Sensible response. Clearly, this guy, like so many others, likes to let off steam before knowing or understanding the basic facts about banking in the UK. Proof of identity and knowledge where funding is coming from are essential requirements for even the most basic of accounts. Sorry, but if you are not willing to tolerate fact checking etc, you should go elsewhere.

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Like you know it all, I’m not supposed to even reply you, because you aren’t even aware most basic facts of tymit plus you don’t even read.
Common sense will tell you I would never have been offered a card to my house if I did not provide my identity, I did passport verification and selfie picture which went well,
My issue steam from being asked for bank statement which I provided but I was hassled for more documents like Barclays/RBS through a chat I will be happy to bring my documents to a Branch or go through verification like Onfido that’s the standard even Monzo and Starling went like that for me never had issues for years.
Tymit isn’t even a bank but electronic money am risking my own money and paying fees here not much difference from prepaid card like Pockit.
If my identity gets stolen and used you can’t help me. You’d think like me if you were in my situation.

Tymit are a regulated entity who are governed by both the Consumer Credit Act and an EMI Small Payments Institution license. To achieve these they must demonstrate their understanding of lending, data protection, KYC, and prove / demonstrate their processes for such things.

OnFido is a good product but just because Monzo and Starling use it doesn’t make it either standard or required. From what you have shared with us above it appears Tymit are unable to verify you electronically and therefore OnFido is no use here.

I understand they are asking for statements from a bank that you don’t have but we have repeatedly said to tell them this.

Also from what you shared above, it seems you have sent a payment for deposit but it cannot be traced. This would require bank statements if they can’t find it.

I appreciate you are frustrated but if you are that unhappy with the service simply make a complaint and stop paying for it if you take issue paying for it.

Pockit, Monzo, and Starling are all payment accounts for transactional banking. Tymit is a credit card, so comparing these is not really fair. Tymit do not have to have a full banking license because as you correctly said, they aren’t a bank.

Edit: Something I thought of overnight - Yes you have passed some checks to receive a card, but I think this is likely around verifying a payment. Perhaps the names on the accounts do not match. Also, FIs are required to ensure AML is verified from time to time, so it could simply be now it’s failed electronically and it needs verifying manually.

They did also give you the option to not do this and just accept responsibility if a payment was to not arrive accordingly from what you mentioned above. So maybe just don’t do it if that’s an option and it’s frustrating you.

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No offence dude but @jase has probably forgotten more about this stuff than most of us hope to comprehend! :face_with_monocle::grimacing:


I get your point.

Tymit is legit, my onboarding was very smooth including crediting the Booster.

You cannot compare Booster which is a revolving credit line (regardless of the fact that you pay monthly fees plus security deposit) to a prepaid card which doesn’t do anything for your credit history.

You seem to have had some glitches which can happen, but consider the benefits you will get from Booster on the long term.

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