Tymit never scans!

I’ve tried to scan my card a few times recently and no one detects the card number. I know it looks fancy and all that, but it’s rubbish if you have to enter the card number manually every time

By scanning the card - I assume that you are talking about making online purchases using your phone (which type? Android or iPhone) and having to enter the card number - but the website or app provides the alternative to take a picture of the card? If so, did you know that in the Tymit app (at least on Android) if you go to “Card” there is a “copy number” option which will copy the card number into your clipboard so you can just paste it in - no need to even get the physical card out.


my iPhone can scan the card if you try and add it for Apple Pay (which then fails).

On Android, yes. I know you can copy the number from the app, but that’s actually more faff than just scanning the card. I just wonder why the card number is formatted in such a way that it doesn’t scan. It seems like an own goal for accessibility…

It scans on my Android phone when adding it to Google Pay as well.