Tymit not showing on credit report

Hi and Happy Christmas everyone. I have been with Tymit since 18th October 2021, but my account is not showing on my Experian credit report as of yesterday. With other credit or bank accounts it usually appears approximately one month after the first statement. Does anyone know how long it usually takes for Tymit to start showing? Should I be concerned that something is wrong and escalate with the team?

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Merry Christmas, You are not alone this has been a topic of debate several times here it like they are not listening. I know how frustrating it is I will suggest you contact customer support to complain, Sorry man

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Thanks. I have indeed seen other posts about this, but (I think) they were all related to booster accounts. Just to clarify, I am not in the booster program, I just have the classic credit account.

I’m not a booster card user myself and I’m having the same situations. Apparently Tymit now show on all the CRA? however they don’t show up on Credit Karma, ClearScore and on Experian Tymit only shows up if you pay their £15 per month for the full report.

I use Tymit all the time. I have a small credit limit where as my other card has double the credit limit of Tymit plus more. But because Tymit have the 0% over 3 months. The amount I use and main Tymit, it would improve my credit rating quite a bit, and it has done with Experian. But no record on the other two services (I know Credit Karma and CreditScore aren’t actually CRA) but they still
Show you your score from Equifax and Transunion.

Tymit had the potential to be a good credit card provider but they are slacking so much and so slow with the new features etc.other providers will catch up quicker and leave Tymit in the dust.

I only use Tymit because of the 0% 3 month thing. If my other credit card provider offered this, I’d leave Tymit straight away as there would be no use for it.

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There is no Classic Tymit account maybe you meant standard credit card, Like I mentioned earlier this situation you faced applies to all Tymit users difference is that booster users are trying to achieve something so they pay more attention to their credit record that includes paying for Experian service the rest won’t notice and even if they did it won’t matter, it more of a advantage as delay in reporting can lower utilisation, if you haven’t already speak to customer support.

If you are a standard tymit user you should not be bothered about credit reporting, tymit will still report your card use with delays though you should be more interested in credit limit increase moreover the other cards you got will do the exact thing as tymit (improve your credit history) the fact you were approved for standard tymit speaks you have a good credit record I would not be bothered about increasing it further am with you on the 0% 3 months thing

I’ve been with Tymit since Feb 2020. I don’t think it asked me if I wanted to be a booster or standard. It just happened.

I just use my Tymit card for all my purchasing, and pay it back on time etc. I do this to increase my credit rating. However, Credit limit is a big thing for me too. so to get a low credit limit and then a £500 increase 8 months later was a bit disappointing.

Yes, I already have 0% 3 month thing. I’ve had it from day one. But no record to say I’m even signed up to Tymit on Credit Karma or CreditScore. So this will be a disadvantage on my record as according to my record I’m not using any of my allocated credit.

Tymit finally appeared on the Experian credit report in January. However, it shows a balance that I do not recognise. Bills were: October ~£256, November ~£492, December ~£524, each time repaid in full with direct debit. However on the credit report for January, shown as updated on 5/12/2021 (so presumably only accounting for October/November), I see a balance of £953. Does anyone know how this number is calculated?

I am not too worried about the report in this instance, as the credit utilisation remains fairly low, so it does not impact my credit score. What worries me is the lack of clarity in the whole process (including not having pdf bills), and potential issues in the future where the reported debt may be much higher than the actual figure.

After digging in, it seems that they showed on my credit report the sum of my October bill, November bill and all the expenses in the December bill up to the 5th of December. This is the first time I see a behaviour like this and it honestly baffles me! This is not how credit reporting works normally, is it?

So if, say, I had a credit limit of £1000 and had spent £500 in October and £600 in November, the report would have shown a balance higher than my credit limit?

Credit cards have their current balance and last re-payment amounts reported each month, so you know which one you are seeing on your report?

As said, the report as of the 5th December shows £953 which is the sum of the October statement £256, the November statement £492 and the first expenses in the December bill up to the 5th December. These statements were paid in full and so the balance was always cleared. I am very careful with my credit utilisation and, by making early payments, always make sure to end up in the 1%-10% bracket when the statements are issued.

I have other credit cards and I am well aware of how credit reporting is usually done. To report that the outstanding balance is the sum of figures coming from three different statement cycles is absolutely new to me and frankly does not make any sense. I have a decent credit limit with Tymit, and so the balance reported still gave a pretty low utilisation ratio. But if I had a credit limit of, say, £1000 (as I understand some people have), reporting £953 would have impacted my credit score.

So I do not really understand your question, as I think my previous comment was pretty clear on what the issue is. I am trying to figure out if this is a new way of reporting (which is fine, I just need to have a different strategy than all my other credit cards to keep the utilisation low) or if something is genuinely wrong.

Well that raises another question. You mention paying in full but also paying over 3 payment cycles.

Payment in full would indicate you have cleared an outstanding balance, rather than paid the bill balance. So which is it?

As already mentioned, I paid in full by direct debit each of the statements. The question is very simple. Why do I get on the credit report that my outstanding balance as of 5th December is the sum of two previously cleared balances - October and November - and of extra stuff in the December bill? Why summing two balances that have been cleared in the past already?

Underneath your balance there should also be Payment Amount and Previous Statement Balance. Do those look correct?

Payment amount showed is £256 as the October statement, as well as Previous Statement Balance. So the balance and payment for October look ok. I do not understand why the numbers for November/December get summed. I will wait for the next report and see if things look ok.

The thing that baffles me is that my utilisation ratio is shown as 953/(credit limit) on the report. This may just be an inaccuracy at the CRA level, but I am slightly worried that it may be Tymit reporting the sum of the balances over time, rather than the single balances. At this rate the utilisation ratio will get to 100% soon.

Well I got my new credit report and guess what - Tymit is not showing anymore! Ridiculous…

You are not alone my man, I am tired

Tymit has been around a few years now? And yet they still have trouble with CRA :flushed::man_facepalming:


All of my other cards are up-to-date, not Tymit, still 2nd Jan… Come on Tymit, get it together!

Lucky you. Mine was as of 5/12/2021 in the January report. Now it doesn’t even appear anymore…