Tymit not showing on my credit records

I’ve had my card since June now and apart from a hard search made on my Experian record there is no trace on any of the main 3 agencies that I have a credit account with Tymit.

I’m not complaining as I believe new accounts cause a temporary dip in your score. I’m just wondering if or when Tymit will add my account to my credit record?

Mine shows on my Experian credit report but not with Equifax of TransUnion.

Many lenders now report to all 3 big agencies although this is not a requirement.

If they start reporting data to the agencies, it can be historic and show your full history even if they start reporting months later.

Do you know long it took for yours to show up on your Experian report?

I can’t say for sure but think it was fairly soon.

Mine doesn’t show on my ClearScore credit rating. Can’t say it bothers me either way though to be honest.

Mine isn’t showing on Credit Karma, Clear Score or Experian. I’m slowly rebuilding my credit file and this would really help. What are the reasons for not reporting it to any of them?

It can take up to 6 weeks for a new credit account to appear with CRAs. When did you open your Tymit account?

March 2020. So significantly longer than 6 weeks.

I can’t remember who Tymit report to but ClearScore and Experian are the same dataset and Credit Karma is using TransUnion data.

If Tymit report to Equifax only, that will be why, but it’s unusual for a lender to report to only one CRA.

I will take a look to see who Tymit report to or you can too :slight_smile:

Tymit report to Experian, I messaged Tymit who say they are reporting and have messaged Experian who say they are not. Tymit have my reference number from Experian and say they will get back to me once they get a response. Maybe do the same?

Update: 4 months since I raised the issue and 8 or 9 months since joining Tymit and still nothing showing on my Experian credit report.
I have contacted Experian on two separate occasions and even supplied 6 months of statements which Tymit supplied me and on both occasions they have said contact Tymit as they aren’t reporting to them.
In my multiple contacts with Tymit I get the same response in reverse. Contact Experian as we are reporting every month to them.
I am only known by one name and have lived at my address for 10 years so there’s no chance my Tymit personal info differs from Experian.
I wouldn’t be that bothered however trying to establish a credit history with Experian and this is the only credit line I have that reports to them.
Considering it’s a legal requirement to report credit lines you would think Experian would take more responsibility as one of the big 3 UK credit reference agencies. I have no doubt Tymit are reporting as others are commenting it is showing on their reports but still seems like I’ve reached a stale mate on this one.

If it isn’t showing but you have a reasonable Experian score apply for an alternative card and hopefully build credit history there. I know that doesn’t fix Tymit. Just remember to use eligibility checkers first, most do nowadays before a hard credit check.

I appreciate you are having trouble with your credit being reported, but to avoid any misinformation, it is certainly not a legal requirement.

I hope your credit file issue gets resolved soon, whomever needs to step up and get it done :slight_smile:

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Every day’s a school day, genuinely thought it was compulsory. I stand by Experian customer service being useless though.

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I had more success with Experian when I raised a formal complaint with them. More useful people started to call me.

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Tymit has shown up on my Experian report this month with the last 10 months history back dated :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


That’s great new @pchappell246 :raised_hands:

To be honest that’s probably a good thing that it’s delayed. Opening anew account looks bad so if it’s not reported until it’s matured and actually a positive mark on your credit record (assuming you pay it off each month) then that’s probably best of both worlds

Yep my score went up not down as a result of it being added

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