Tymit problems with incorrect bill, and zero response from Live Chat support for days

Hi there,

I’ve been a Tymit user for probably almost a couple of years already. Generally been a great experience.

However, I’ve been becomnig increasingly concerned with my bills which after I have paid them on time, they still show as ‘pending payment’ in the app - which after checking, your support inform me that it is indeed paid the status remains unchanged in the app…

But, this month’s bill, I had an international transaction of $555. This went through fine. A week or so later the merchant cancelled/refunded the charge because they could not fulfill the order. I only initally realised this was the case when Tymit app gave me a notification to say that it was cancelled. The charge is displayed with a strikethrough in the App.

Having paid the November bill for the amount shown next to the month’s date, the app is insisting that I still owe £414-ish that should have been cleared yesterday now. It seems that the app bill generator at the top of the app screen in large font size is confused that the $555 was refunded, whereas the small bill value next to the date in the transaction lsit area was correct.

I am worried that the app will think I have not cleared the bill, and so affect my credit rating.

I have reached out to Support via live chat and email directly regarding this over the last couple of days before my alleged outstanding figure is overdue, but so far have not had any response whatsoever.

Where are the support team?
Can somebody please reply?
Can someone please ‘fix’ the figure in the app and reassure me that Tymit are not going to cause my credit rating damage?