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I have 3 questions that I would like help with please. Rather than create 3 different topics and look like I’m spamming the board, I thought I’d make one thread (if that’s ok)

  1. I’ve been a Tymit User since Feb 2021. I’ve messaged support previously regarding an increase in credit limit as my Tymit Credit limit is 4x lower than my other credit card. They advised that they would register my interest for an increase in my credit limit and would contact me when they are in a position to do this?

I’ve not heard anything since. I guess Tymit are not increasing limits at the moment?

  1. Despite being a member since February 2021. Tymit is not showing on my credit files on Credit Karma, Experian or ClearScore. Is there any reason for this? I heard it would take around 3 months before it appears, but this has been longer than 3 months.

  2. when I signed up for Tymit. I was given a APR on purchases of 22% is it possible at all to reduce this at any point in the future or will this be my APR on purchases basically forever?

Thank you for your assistance.

Hi @JayJayWM and welcome to the community.

Credit limit increases have occurred earlier this year but it probably was too early for you to have enough transactional and payment history for this to take place. I can’t speak for Tymit but having a Direct Debit in place can be desirable to demonstrate commitment to repayment. One card provider I worked with wouldn’t increase the limit for anyone paying via alternative methods.

As Tymit grows, they will have better data to make more informed credit decisions for increasing limits.

Tymit report to Experian rather than all 3 main CRAs so you won’t see this on CK (TransUnion) or ClearScore (Equifax). You should raise a support ticket if you do not see information on Experian after this time.

Tymit report around the first week of the month to Experian and this will likely be for the previous reporting month given their payment cutoffs are around the 9th.

I’m not sure on your APR being fixed. I think that one can only be answered by Tymit but I can say mine hasn’t changed since I opened my account.


In addition to what Jase has posted, in reference to credit increase with Tymit, I would advise to make sure you are using the card regularly. I joined in Nov 2021, and was given an increase after 5 months but that could have been influenced by the fact that I went on holiday in Dec, used it almost to the limit and then paid the balance off over the next 3 months. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hi thanks both

Yes I do use the card regularly and I do have a DD setup however I don’t use it. I always pay it in full via manual payments the following month. I’m not sure if this works as a disadvantage to me or not.

I’ve messaged Tymit support and waiting for a reply on some of my questions. Though it being a weekend now, it won’t be until next week.

But in regards to CRA. Thanks for that. I wasn’t sure which ones Tymit reported to, however none of the three mention anything for Tymit.

Experian just mentions my other credit card provider and PayPal Credit which I have never used to be honest.

Yes, just as Jase said, you need to report this, and I’d say perhaps to both, Experian and Tymit. Since you say that you’ve been a member since February 2021, you should’ve started seeing Tymit on your Experian report sometime in late April / early May (maximum by June).

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Thanks. I’ve raised it with Tymit already, but will raise it with Experian now too.

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