Tymit referral scheme 📣

Happy Monday Tymit community, hope you’ve had a great start to the week!

We’re in the process of building a referral scheme for Tymit customers and we’d like your help to decide on the reward for spreading the word.

If you could take a minute to click here and answer our two question survey, we’d be very grateful :pray:

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Ahh sounds interesting!!
Survey completed :slight_smile:

Tried sharing my referral link to Facebook from the app and it’s giving an error on the preview…

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Yes I reported this too - it went into the ether with no resolution date…

@chistery @Pshores thank you for reporting the problem with the link, we are aware of it and working to fix it ASAP. In the meantime you can share through other social networks and via messaging apps such as Whatsapp.

We’ll update everyone when the Facebook link is fixed :+1:t2: