Tymit Thank You! I will monitor my bills more often now

This morning direct debit of the sum you of £23.27 came out for tymit I thought yeah bill day. Then at 9am I figured I would travel to Germany to spend Christmas and New Year with my Lady. I had planned once direct debit goes through I would add more money like £1000 or more making it sum £1500 -£2k for credit card protection because I want to book a flight and lower utilisation.
However before I proceed I spotted inconsistencies my remaining limit was £394 out of £500 few days ago and last night I saw it when I needed PayPal verification code. I owed only owed £23.27 for November which has been paid today and £95.90 for December but here am seeing £380 instead of £404, I thought it just me being slow so I brought out calculator it now I figured I am being short changed big time. I noticed this situation last month but I did not pay close attention thinking it impossible but here Tymit somehow has managed to achieve it lol
Even at this time I pay monthly for booster while it reports my total credit limit as £0 more than two month unresolved

This are screenshot

Do you have any pending transactions?

No I don’t have any pending transaction

Check your available balance tomorrow afternoon and it should reflect today’s direct debit payment by then. Direct debits don’t clear straight away due to the way the BACS system works.