Unable to login

I’m unable to login or use my card at all. I have emailed about this with no response. I put money on there to pay a bill that is now late because my card is blocked for no reason.

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Hi @Brettjeeves firstly let me welcome you to the community.

When you try logging in, what error is shown?

Could you also say if you are using iOS or Android.

Does your card still work for transactions or you are blocked from spending with it?

Finally, are you on Booster or regular Tymit?

Just get this when typing in the password.

iOS I’ve reinstalled the app multiple times.

Checked my balance at a cash point it says N/A

Card won’t work online or in store.

On booster paid my membership a couple days ago.

Added £100 to my account and it was blocked.

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Thank you Brett. When you said it was blocked, do you mean that’s when you couldn’t login?

Did you send money from an account in your name? Ruling out possible payment issues that may have flagged.

I’m running out of things to suggest. Hopefully support@tymit.com can help. It’s not worth tagging staff here as it will just overrun them more (they are a little busy working on some exciting new feature currently) but they should be able to help you soon.

Hi @Brettjeeves , welcome to the community :wave:
I’ve just checked in on this for you and can see the support team are on it. Everything should be working again for you shortly.


I’ve signed back in but now my money is gone ?!