Unable to register

Hi wondering if someone can help. After completing my eligability check online i downladed the app to set up a booster account however everytime i enter my mobile number to get started but i keep getting an error message as seen here can anyone help? This shows wether i select already exsists or apply new.

Thanks in advance!

Hi, That’s the same error screen I get on opening the Android app and need to close and open again for it to load. This happens every time and the try again button never works.

If you just close and open again from that point does it not let you access your account? Or are you not even getting to the point of setting pin/biometric login yet?

Hi billy it never works ive been trying for a week now, im not even able to get registered everytime i enter my mobile number rhat pops up


Hi Joe, Have you tried different formats with the number +44 and leaving out the initial zero etc

I can remember a similar issue before but can’t remember how it was resolved, I think it was something customer services had to do at their end.

Reinstalling app and trying different formats is pretty much all you can try really, other than that hopefully Tymit get back to you with a fix soon.

Hi billy, yes unfortuantly i tried:

  • starting 07
    -starting 4407
    -starting 447
    -starting 7

Unfortnuatly they all give me the same result.

Appreciate you trying to help, hopefully they come back to me soon.


Hi @Jcro92 :wave: just dropped you a message for some details.

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Hi @Oisin, are you sure you meant to tag me in this thread?

Nope, I didn’t! Sorry about that :slightly_smiling_face: