Unexpected new card

Strange one this.
I have for some reason received a new card in the post this morning.
I haven’t ordered one and my current card is still working fine.
Just wondering if this is just an admin error or something more serious?

Thanks in advance

Does your app have the option to activate a new card out of interest?

Is it in your name? Same card number but different expiry and CVV?

No option to activate card in app
yes the card is in my name.
New number
New expiry (actually earlier than my current card)

Very strange.

I’m guessing that your current card is in date and not within 2 months of expiring? Halifax sent me a replacement WAY before my current card expired.

I suggest maybe Tymit have detected fraudulent activity on your current card and sent you a replacement. But if this was the case your original card would have been disabled.

There’s no letter or anything with the new card?

Current card doesn’t expire until 2025 (new one 2024)
I payed my car insurance on the current card with no problems, so I know that it’s still active.
The only paperwork with the card was the standard welcome letter.

That is strange.

I would get in touch with customer services to double check. It could just be an admin error on the system. Obviously keep the new card safe incase your old card gets deactivated in the meantime. I’d also ask CS what to do with the new card? If they want you to activate it and use it or if the current card can still be used until it’s expiry date.

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I thought I should update you all now the issue has been resolved.
It turns out it was down to our wonderful Royal Mail :joy: :joy: :joy:

It turns out the card was sent out last NOVEMBER!!!
Below is the very nice response I had from Tymit :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Ivan,

Thank you so much for your patience whilst we looked into this for you!

This is quite unusual to be honest Ivan. But nothing to be concerned about.

The card ending xxxx was ordered for you in November, after not receiving your original card. You were kind enough to let us know, that this card still had not arrived.

We then cancelled this card, and ordered you a new one after confirming your address details were all up to date.

The card ending xxxx is the card that you received in January, activated and use to this day.

Royal Mail have been unable to provide us a reason why a card that was sent to you in November, has shown up almost a year later!

I am really sorry for any confusion. Please be rest assured that the card ending xxxx had never been used nor activated.

Please kindly dispose of your card which has just shown up ending xxxx securely. You should notice no change at all to your account or how you use it 😊

To confirm, the card that you are currently using which ends in xxxx is perfectly fine

Hope that’s OK for you Ivan!

Again, please accept my apologies for any confusion.

Please let us know if you needed anything else at all, we’re here to help!

Have a great week!

xxx xxxxxxxx
Customer Support Specialist

(names and numbers removed for privacy/security)


Brilliant @IvanDP Ivan, glad it’s resolved :slight_smile:

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That’s crazy! It must have been left over from the postal chaos over Christmas, but how on earth did they take that long?!


I know lol
Our post isn’t the best at times due to the location of our address
(Actual address is on one road, but only access is on a completely different road)
But we have never had anything take almost a year to be delivered before :joy:

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