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Hi, I get a message saying Tymit need more time to review my application and some checks couldn’t be done automatically, and that they are experiencing a high volume of applications. I can’t find a Tymit email in my inbox and thus don’t know which email I have signed up with. Just wondering if Tymit could get in touch and update me on my application.


Hi, I am having the same issue. I have been waiting for almost two working days but did not get any update on the application process. I contacted customer support but I did not get a reply yet. It would be nice if Tymit could get in touch with any update. Thanks.

Try them on live chat. I got in touch and they told me they are experiencing high volumes of work.

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Hi @yodi84 & @alb welcome to Tymit community. Please be advised it can take up to a week to hear back if they have to do manual checks on your account, hopefully you are both approved.

I’m a fellow Tymit user, so don’t have access to your accounts, this is based on other user experiences.

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@yodi84 @alb I can see both of your applications are still open and waiting to be reviewed by our team.
We are sorry for the delay but as you have noted we are receiving a much higher number of applications than usual and are doing our best to get to them asap. :pray:

@yodi84 Unfortunately for security reasons I can only tell you that the email you used is not the same as the one used to signup to this community. :slightly_frowning_face:


Has your card been accepted yet? I still get the same message on the app.

Hi, not yet. Still the same.

Got mine now… glad to have it

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I haven’t gotten mine yet…

Glad you got it sorted! :+1: