Voting for the next feature (sort of)

For those who are signed up, @Pipo sent out a survey email today asking for feedback on Tymit and to select the order of priority you’d like to see some features coming next.

Don’t forget to open and respond to help shape the Tymit we all love to be even better :heart:


Done last night……………:+1:t3:

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Haven’t received an email

Are you able to share what the email contained? I haven’t received anything

(Hello everyone!)

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Welcome @ndrw - I’ll export it off and post it here for all to see and use. Supper time first!

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I can’t share the link as it’s single use only and recognises I have submitted. Did you opt into marketing?

Either way, this is what the email said :slight_smile:

I’m another one, who didn’t receive the email…

None of the features really appealed and most were to do with billing. I think an app redesign is needed more than anything,