Waiting for physical card

How long does this normally take? I got my virtual card and app 18 days ago

I’m up to 12 days now. Sure I read somewhere that they come from Germany…

Mine was approved on the 28th of April…

I contacted support about this as I hadn’t received the physical card after approval on 25/04. They were very helpful and shortly after contacting them this appeared in the app, which wasn’t there before.

I was about to ask in here as I’ve been in a similar situation. Card originally despatched a month ago, with a second card about 10 days ago. CS assures they were both sent out. So sounds like somewhere down the process it’s a bit backed up? Glad I’m not the only one with this issue!!

I haven’t contacted support - just posted in this thread. I’ve just had the same thing appear in my app.

Hopefully it’s kind of a dispatch notification.

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Hi, I signed up on the 28th of April but have yet to receive my card.

I’m not sure whether it’s delayed because of the Coronavirus? Because they let a lot of people sign up in one go? - Or if it’s lost in the post?

What’s the average delivery time at the moment? Anyone know?

The cards come from Germany so it could be delayed in the post though I applied last week and got the card today.

Hi Everyone,

The cards are sent from our card issuer in Germany and due to the current crisis some have been held up in transit. We’re continuing to monitor the situation and working with them to minimise the impact as much as possible.

If you’ve been waiting for your card in excess of 10 working days then please contact customer support at support@tymit.com

We really appreciate your patience under the current circumstances.

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The physical card arrived for me today. It’s a shame about the long wait time but understandable with COVID19.

I like the minimalist pouch it arrives in, and I’m looking forward to hopefully seeing future Android updates bringing more features.

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I had an email from tymit and the main issue wasn’t covid related. It was a technical issue where the orders for the cards didn’t flow from tymit to their card supplier and they didn’t notice for a long while.

I received mine yesterday. The packaging is cool and not too much of a waste either.