Waiting list position

I’m on the waiting list position 872 and had not move in weeks is the app broken are others moving up the list.

My position is updating daily ( android user)

Morning, I’m currently 1071 on the waiting list for Android, seen movement daily by around 20 places. So definitely moving closer and closer. Merry Christmas everyone :christmas_tree::christmas_tree:

Still not move from 872 I’m on iOS :frowning:

7700 Might be a long wait

I’m currently 5,700 ish and not moved for 2 weeks and I’m on iOS

I was 181, then 161, then 82, they got the notification to join, so moved up the list quick.

I followed the instructions, had trouble onboarding. Tried the second time to onboard and I received an email to say I have joined.

Go to login but can not login to the app.
Emailed support on Friday, they got back quickly. They said may have to wait til after the weekend for the team to be back in…
I’ve emailed them today for an update, but haven’t heard anything yet.

So overall, not the greatest experience so far…

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Update: my card has arrived, I’ve been able to login to the app.

The customer service response has been slow, but it is near Christmas so understand the slight delay in response, customer service have been helpful though in resolving the issue.

Activated my card with no problem what so ever, will use it to purchase things for Christmas now.

Happy Days!


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The waiting list in the app hasn’t moved for me for around 5 days. I’m assuming they’re releasing batches?

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Yeah they are. I think I remember someone mentioning it’s in hundreds or 1,000 per batch

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I signed up in March, and have just installed the android app on my samsung and i’m number 6975. Is this because i’ve just installed the app or is that my original position from March??

How long before we receive our invitation and card.

That’ll be from when you signed up in March.

Woohoooo I’m in just before Christmas too!!! :santa::partying_face:

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