Waiting over 20 minutes for Id check?

Hi, the screen says “This can usually take up to 2 minutes.”
What should my action be after this amount of time? Close the app, start again?

It might have gone to manually being verified, mine was but during the business hours, took around 2 hours ish…

Looks like something crashed - yes, I would close it all down and try again.

I also had this issue, applied on the weekend, it seems that the app had issues processing my identity document and had to wait until Monday for manual processing. Would have expected the app to inform there was an issue and provide a better time estimate, like “it will be processed on the next working day”

My ID check had to be manually completed, guess its because my documents are 7+ years old and I have a lot less hair now so the document - selfie comparison did not work so well. However, it was completed on the new business day.