We are live in the App Store!

Many of the eagle eyed amongst you :eyes: have noticed that we have launched in the App Store! :iphone:

You can now download the Tymit app and view your position in the waiting list, you can also view and share your referral code to jump up the list. For our Android users, the app will be coming in the next week or two.

Friends who are new to Tymit can download and signup to the waitlist directly through the app, the link to the app store is - https://apps.apple.com/us/app/tymit/id1485541131

Please help us spread the word! :grin:


I’m 181 on the waiting list - hoping it will not take too long to get to pole position!

Can’t wait Merry Christmas Tymit

I’m on 4903 waiting patiently

App updated today and instead of showing my placemark with a queue number, it asked me for my mobile number and it seems to re-register me, very strange also it asks me if I want ti be on the list but there is nowhere to click or say yes probably now I realise as I write this that my font is too big ?

I had the same issue. I just followed what it said, it didn’t sign me up again.

I’ve moved up the list :smiley: I was 181; I’m now 166.