What Booster features would you like to see next?

Good morning all!

We have a quick question: If you could add just one feature to Tymit Booster today, what would it be and why?


Apple Pay to make it easier and not have to carry my wallet about with me or use curve as a intermediary

Apple pay is coming very soon @dudesuper1982! We’re testing it now


Cashback offers and bonuses for loyal users would be on top of my list as it would encourage me to use the card more often.

There are other services that need priority at the moment such as Apple Pay, PDF statements, UI Revamp etc.


Agree with @blvck.s there are urgent pieces of work that need doing before more is added to the wish list. It’s stunning that you can’t get a statement and judging by the complaints about customer service I don’t think more features are helpful right now.