What date does Tymit share data with Experian?

I am looking to find out when every month Tymit usually shares account data with Experian ?

There is nothing showing on my report and Experian told me over the phone that Tymit have not shared my information with them yet?

I opened my account in November so i would think it should be on my report this month?

Mine shows in Experian but took a while before it did, maybe three months or so. Tymit user since July 2020.

Thank you. Hopefully it will appear soon.

Credit referencing is usually 6 weeks behind due to submission and testing. If you opened in November and first used it in December, bill generation and payment on January 1st, file submission sometime in January… you get the idea. :joy:

Even with automated CAIS testing it seems slow.

Your mileage may vary, I don’t access my Experian report very often so don’t know roughly the date of reporting.


Thanks for the info. I first used the card in November, hopefully it will appear soon.

Many thanks.

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I opened my card in June 2020 and I’m still waiting for it to show on my credit profile.

After several messages to Tymit and Experian I am now waiting on Tymit to send me a statement through that I can share with Experian to get it added.

Personally I’d prefer it not to show!

With low credit limits, it’s easy for the card to look over utilised if you just look at percentages.

This is even worse with my Beta JaJa card with a £500 limit!

Curious what the lowest credit limit anyone has ever been issued on any Credit Card?

Mine was my Barclaycard, issued in 1998 as a student, £350 limit. Maxed that out on cheap booze & loose women in no time! :laughing:

£1500 by Aqua and Tymit. I am 23 so would imagine it is related to my age. Excellent credit score with all agencies.

I think Tymit only gives £1500 max, no?!

No, they have a wide range of limits but the maximum isn’t £1,500 thankfully :slight_smile:

I hope they will review limits yearly at least or offer a facility to request a limit increase.

An update from customer services today for anyone who is interested.

“We usually report to Experian in the first week of every month.

Our last update was delayed and was sent to Experian on 13th January 2021”

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My Tymit card doesn’t show up on Equifax. I have been with Tymit for nearly a year now.

Stephen ,

Mine is now showing as of the end of last week.

Contacting both parties might help speed it up If you want it to show on your report?

Thanks, but I’m not really bothered. Just flagging that it doesn’t show as it may be an issue for some people.