What do you think of the new Tymit Booster website?

We’ve just launched a new website for Booster! :tada:

We’d love to know what you think :face_with_monocle:

Some questions we’re wondering:

  1. Generally what do you think about it?
  2. Do we emphasise the right parts of Tymit Booster?
  3. Are there any FAQs we should add to the bottom?
  4. What additional content would you like to see? For example we’re thinking about a blog section where we can give tips on score improvements and how to use the product in the best way. What content do you want to see?
  5. Anything else!

Take a look here and let us know what you think - any feedback is much appreciated

And have a great weekend everyone :tada:


The website is looking good :+1:

Very nice website, and answers a lot of questions. I already have a normal Tymit card so this doesn’t apply to me, but if I were considering Tymit Booster, a question which I don’t see answered is when would I be considered for a normal Tymit card if I were to take up a Booster account and is there any guarantee I would get a normal card if I operated by account well?
My reasoning if I spent the money with your company to improve my credit score surely you would be the 1st to offer me a regular card without a monthly fee?


Fantastic. I love it

Looks great everyone! I think I picked the second option but this looks really good. In the future, I wouldn’t mind having two full sized views rather than having us zoom in lol.

Is that the new app design I’m seeing?

@Alastair-PM it looks very clean and easily understood but is missing 2 things;

  1. A clear explanation that the user must pay their bill with cleared funds, their savings are held for the lifetime of the card and not used to pay the bill.

  2. While a hard credit check is not performed, a soft credit check is performed. It currently sounds like no check is performed. Also are you 100% sure Experian do not require you to convert this soft search to a hard search upon application? Soft search is usually only for eligibility, not application.

I don’t think they need to do a hard search as it’s not a credit facility @jase

I’m not talking about regulation, I’m talking about the terms between Tymit and Experian. Their contract terms are very strict on conversion of file footprints, regardless of what you are using it for.

It’s worth them checking to be sure.

Also, technically it is credit, it’s just that it is secured credit.

It’s not credit. It’s a secured card. There terms with Experian will be different depending on each different product. I’m sure they can clarify this today when they see this post

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I’m not asking them to confirm anything and certainly not today on a weekend. There is no clarification needed here.

Tymit Booster is a credit card regardless and Tymit have confirmed it is protected by Section 75…