What has happened to to chat/in app messaging

I went to send a message a few days ago, which I have successfully done in the past.

There now only seems to be an ‘email us’ option with no messaging/chat function. I’ve definitely used the messaging function before: I checked my emails to see that I wasn’t going mad.

Am I missing something or has it disappeared?

I’ve attached a screenshot of what I see on the account/help screen, so if anyone can point me in the right direction that would be great.

Still have the message us option on mine

I don’t seem to have the messaging option any more either. I wonder if it’s a Android thing as I’m sure @dudesuper1982 is on iPhone unless he’s converted recently :joy:

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I’ve got an Android and had it before so I wonder whats going on.

Yeah I’m on Apple iOS

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I’m guessing the last update on April 14th broke it. Perhaps if a few more people could check and we can raise it with support.

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@Pipo could you have a look at this for us please.

I’m on Android and don’t have the option of messaging either.

I got a response:

“The chat function in the app has been temporarily removed as we only have the email channel available. We’re optimising the chat function and can hopefully have it rolled out again soon.”

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Thanks for the update @neilm1000 much appreciated.

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